Stevia Extract

Stevia is a name provided to herbal green leafy plant, indigenous to South America and used for hundreds of years because of its sweet leaves. Stevia glycosides are active compounds for their sweeteners, mostly stevioside and rhobiodyaside. In the Asteraceae family, that is the same family as sunflowers, and it has over 240 species of shrubs and tiny flowering plants. The Guarani people of South America used Stevia Extract powder for the first time as a sweetener in herbal fusions, but Japan was the first country to manufacture steviol glycosides in the food and drug sector.

Stevia has earned its latest notoriety as a sweetener that is more than 40x sweeter than sugar but does not influence the concentrations of blood sugar. In contrast to ordinary sugar, it also has no adverse side effects on the body and is particularly helpful for people with diabetes.

The EU gave stevia approval to be used across the 27 countries in 2011.

10 health benefits of stevia extract powder

Types of Stevia extract manufacturers

  • Green Leaf Stevia
  • Stevia Extracts
  • Altered Stevia

Stevia’s extract powder nutritional value

It has a very small calorific count, which places it in the food zone ‘ no-calorie. ‘

Stevia’s extract traditional uses

  1. Stevia was first observed in the sixteenth century by the outside world when Spaniards found South America’s extensive use of stevia.
  2. Paraguayan Gurani Indians have an age-old practice of sweetening their Yerba Mate tea with stevia.
  3. South American people also have a lengthy history of therapeutically using stevia as a cure for heart problems, high blood pressure, heartburn and obesity.

Health Benefits of Stevia extract

  1. Type II Diabetes is one of today’s biggest health issues and its helps to reduce sugar in the blood
  2. Decreases the risk of oral and skin and pancreatic cancer
  3. Reduces levels of cholesterol
  4. Regulates Weight and Aids
  5. Combat allergies and counterattacks Diabetes risk
  6. Prevents Cancer and help treat breast cancer
  7. Stevia extract powder helps protect the heart and reduces hypertension (hypertension)
  8. Prevents Osteoporosis, useful for skincare
  9. To cure acute lung injuries and stop fatty liver, Stevia can be used
  10. Stevia extract help to reduce damage to the kidneys and Fertility

 Stevia extract manufacturers and use

Stevia leaves, leaf powder or fluid form can be used straight in multiple foods as a sugar replacement:

  • Dairy products – yogurt, and ice-cream
  • Beverages – coffee, and tea
  • Packed foods – soft drinks, sauces, pickles and candies
  • Baked products – bread, cakes, and deserts

Dosage of Stevia extract

Depending on the studies released, the autonomous U.S. and global science specialists have found that stevia sweeteners are secure for individuals of all ages and an acceptable daily consumption (ADI) of 4mg / Kg body weight has been established.

Side Effects of Stevia extract manufacturers

  • Studies found that 16 percent of nasal allergic babies, 34 percent of bronchial asthma babies, and 64 percent of atopic eczema children were allergic to stevia.
  • Side effects include oral region swelling and itching, hives, pain with GI, nausea, and vomiting.

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