monk fruit extract powder

Monk Fruit Extract is obtained from extracting the monk fruit, this fruit cultivated in China by the Buddhist luo han guo monks. And hence it also got the name as luo han guo fruit. It is fruit which looks like lemons and actually it is very difficult to find in markets. It has much beneficial property and it is also quite famous because it is best alternative to sugar.

The monk fruit extract, when compared to sugar it is nearly 100- 300 times sweeter than sugar. Hence, it is used as the sweetening agent. In this article, we will see about all the features and usage of monk fruit extract. So without any further due! Let us jump right into the article.

As a sweetening agent

Actually the monk fruit is available in many forms, the fruit is extracted to get the monk fruit extract which is also known as Luo han guo extract (luo han guo). The fruit can also be dried and then grinded well, to make them into powder consistent.

We can able to find luo han guo powder available in online grocery stores. This organic monk fruit sweetener is known as the best sweetening agent. It is also considered as the best alternative to the sugar. In large scale beverage and in baking industry, this monk fruit extract (luo han guo) is in use. The extract is used to prepare desserts, sauces, smoothies, yogurt and also in preparing oat meals.

Medicinal benefits of monk fruit extract

The monk fruit extract has been in use since ancient period by the Chinese people. The Chinese people used this extract to treat coughs, sore throats, acute bronchitis and other respiratory issues it also has many anti inflammatory properties, which is used to keep blood sugar levels in the stable condition.

As monk fruit has no calories, it is considered as the best low carbs food by many people. The diabetic patient who wants to enjoy their favorite desserts without getting any health issues, they can easily make use of this product. As it contains zero carbs, it can be used by the people who are in diet to lose their weight. So when we consume this alternate of sugar, we can enjoy our favorite meal even during our diet.


So the bottom line is that, the monk fruit extract is the best alternate for the sugar. The diabetic person and the people who are in diet can chose those extract blindly in their diet. When it comes to nature everything is good and healthy and so our monk fruit extract is very beneficial and also it adds the cheery on top of your keto or other dieting meals.

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