Blueberry Powder with 100% Pure & Natural

Blueberry Powder

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Product Details:

The Blueberry powder is obtained from fresh dried blueberry; the handpicked blueberries are either sundries or dried by using certain thermal methodology. This blueberry fruit also contains a rich source of vitamin C and anti-oxidants in them with a large number of dietary proteins in them. As anti-oxidants are present in them they can be used to maintain and regulate the immune system of our body in an effective manner.

In food industry, this blueberry powder can be used in many ways to obtain sweet flavor of the blueberry. This product can be used as a flavoring agent. They can be used in both Freeze Dry and spray dried forms based on the comfortless of the user. It is mostly used in the baking and cosmetic industry. In the food industry it is used to make blueberry flavored milkshakes, drinks, sauces, lilliops and they are also use in chocolate and ice cream industry.


Product Specification and Functions:

  • Pure powder with natural flavor and color / FD powder is hardly water souble.


Dessert and chocolate industry, ice cream, candy industry and beverages or soild beverages industry