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Product Details:

Chlorella Powder is a type of fresh water algae which is used in food and pharmaceutical fields. It normally improves the digestion by increasing the number of good bacteria in our intestine. Most of the chlorella is used in Japan and Taiwan. It is used as an antioxidant and also helps in decreasing the cholesterol level in our body. It contains anti-oxidant property in them, which helps to regulate the immunity of the immune system of the body .This extract is helpful in maintaining the immune system of our human body.

Chlorella Powder is also known as the super food or super nutrition as it contains the protein level upto 50%. Chlorella is normally used to enhance the metabolism rate of the human body, which is achieved by the fibre content of the chlorella powder. It also removes hazardous toxins from the human body and also regulates the body repairing mechanism both from stress and anxiety.


Product Specification and Functions:

  • Protein 50%


1. Enhances metabolism: Chlorella dietary fiber helps bowel movement and enhances internal body cleansing, Chlorella chlorophyll, iron and vitamin can adjust body proper mechanisms, great help for digestive problems and constipation problem.

2. Strengthen the immune: Keep full vitality, resist radiation, strengthen metabolism Picking up toxic substances and eliminating them out of the body, activating and preventing premature aging of cells.

3. Eliminate toxins from the body: Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) stimulates body-repairing mechanisms from stress and toxic substances. Eliminates heavy metal, purifies the bowels and the entire body, help body detoxifier. Improves chronic conditions internally and stop the growth of toxic bacteria.