Durian Powder

Durian Powder

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Product Details:

Durian powder is referred to as king of fruits. This fruit contains a large amount of natural carbohydrates, phosphorus and sulfur. The phosphorus present in the fruit helps to clean the blood and helps to regulate the blood flow. This fruit contains unique taste and it contains a large number of protein and nutrition. The nutritional value of this fruit is very high. This fruit is largely used in medical industry to treat any diseases.

The durian fruit powder is largely manufactured and exported to many parts of the world. This product contains pure natural extract with large amount of strength in them. This product can be used in both freeze dry and spray dry product. They are also used in ice cream industries to produce durian flavored ice creams. They are also used in beverage industry to produce durian flavored drinks; these drinks can be used as the energy drinks. They contain carbohydrates so this product can be used in diet as an alternative to rice.

Product Specification and Functions:

  • Pure powder with natural flavor and color / FD powder is hardly water souble.


Dessert and chocolate industry, ice cream, candy industry and beverages or soild beverages industry