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Product Details:

The fish collagen is obtained from marine fish. It is derived from marine fishes but does not have the fishy smell to it. This Fish Collagen Peptide Powder contains a large number of nutritional and physiological properties. These properties are the reason that the fish collagen is used largely in medical industry. To treat join and bone pain in human beings.

The fish collagen peptide powder is also used in cosmetic industries to maintain the elasticity of the skin. The product also slows down the wrinkles in skin and also slows down the aging process. The product helps to stabilize the mood and provide good sleep, they also improve the memory capacity of the brain. The properties of fish collagen also promote the poor blood circulation. This product also contains anti oxidants in them which helps to maintain the immunity of the immune system. This product helps to improve the digestion and absorption in the skin tissues.


Product Specification and Functions:

  • 90% 95%


1. The small molecular active peptide obtained by deep-sea carp skin as raw material and using modern biological directed digestion technology, decolorized and deodorized, the average molecular weight is about 1000DAL. The use of internationally advanced molecular sieve filtration to control microorganisms, eliminating the use of chemical additives, high temperature, irradiation and other sterilization methods used by most domestic enterprises, not only to ensure that the product indicators are superior to industry standards, but also to the original A healthy, non-polluting product increases the risk of danger.

2, efficacy: has a high digestion and absorption. The product is rich in a variety of amino acids, high in hydroxyproline content, light in color and high in light transmittance. Beauty and beauty, enhance skin elasticity, delay skin aging; accelerate wound healing, slow wrinkles, moisturize deep skin; stabilize mood, improve sleep; brain and brain, improve memory; enhance physical fitness;

3, the applicable population: need to improve the skin dry, rough, dull dull skin, pigmentation and other skin problems; frail and sick; facial flaccid, wrinkles and other signs of aging, need to resist the skin aging women. Middle-aged and elderly patients with osteoporosis; hope to accelerate the healing of damaged skin, dilute scars; face the computer more than 4 hours a day; working women over the age of 25; insomnia, anxiety, excessive stress; athletes.