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Lemon Powder

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Product Details:

Lemon powder is obtained from freeze or spray dried lemons. They contain high amount of vitamin C, citric acid, vitamin A, iron, potassium, calcium and phosphorous. This presence of both health and food beneficial components make Lemon Powder to be used in large amount in various industries. In many Asian countries lemons is being used since ages as it contains many health beneficial components. They can also be used to treat skin related diseases. Lemons naturally contain skin whitening agents and hence they can be easily used in all the fairness related products. Lemon Powder is also used in beverage industries, chocolate and ice cream industries.

Lemons normally have a fresh aroma in them and hence they are largely used in fragrance products, lemon flavored soaps, shampoos and bath gels. Many mouth fresheners are available in lemon flavor. Room fresheners are also available. The presence of vitamin C is made it possible to be used in syrups, tablets and calcium and iron contained tablets.

Product Specification and Functions:

  • Pure powder with natural flavor and color / FD powder is hardly water souble.


Dessert and chocolate industry, ice cream, candy industry and beverages or soild beverages industry