Monk Fruit Extract | Luo Han Guo Extract & Organic Monk Fruit Sweetener

Monk Fruit Extract-Luo Han Guo Extract

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Product Details:

This fruit extract has zero carbs in them. Monk Fruit Extract/ Luo Han Guo Extract contains anti-inflammatory agent and it is widely used in the field of medicine for lung air way and for many medicinal purposes. It is a natural sweetener which contains few calories in it. They have blend of many fruit extracts with natural and healthy fibre content in it which helps to build the immune system of our body.

They contain macrosides as a sweetening agent in them. The quantity of the mogroside ranges from 7% to 80%, this percentage decides the sweetness of the extract. It is a sweet agent which is the safest sweetener for the diabetic patients. It is also used as a sweetener in baking and also in many types of syrup and baking recipes. It is approximately 250 times sweeter than natural sugar agents. Most of the beverage industries uses this extracts in their food processing method as it contains both health and taste benefits.

Product Specification and Functions:

From 7% to 80% Macrosides, 10:1mogrodsideV 20%30%,40%50%60%


  • Used as a natural sweetener, contains few calories;
  • Often used as a substitute for sugar by the beverage and food industry;
  • As a potential anti-inflammatory for the lung airway, widely used in medicine.
  • Safe for Diabetic patients.
  • Excellent baking recipet.