Freeze Dried Durian Orange Powder

Orange Powder

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Product Details:

The orange powder is obtained from the peels of orange fruit and then the peel is dried I air or sun, then powdered. This powder contains a large amount of vitamin C and A, iron and magnesium. Orange has many beauty properties. As it contains anti-oxidants they can be used to regulate the immune system of our body. So it is mainly in beauty industry. All types of skin infections can be cured using orange powder. It has skin whitening capacity and hence it is used to in the treatment of skin whitening. It is used in medical field as energy drink mixed with certain emulsifiers like glucose.

They also used in food and beverage industries. In food industry it is used as a flavoring agent. The product is also used in ice cream, chocolate and beverage industry. Orange flavored drinks, juices, chocolates, ice creams, cakes, face creams, soaps, room sprays and many other items can be prepared by using this powder.

Product Specification and Functions:

  • Pure powder with natural flavor and color / FD powder is hardly water souble.


Dessert and chocolate industry, ice cream, candy industry and beverages or soild beverages industry