Pea Protein Powder

Pea Protein Powder

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Product Details:

This protein powder contains a high source of proteins and high iron content which helps to make our immune system healthier. It is useful in increasing the protein content of the shakes and they are also available in many forms of protein health drinks. This pea protein is helpful in balancing the blood glucose level.

Pea Protein Powder can be used in vegetable protein beverages like peanut milk and wheat milk. Due to the presence of large amount of proteins which is more than 80%, t is one of the healthiest extract from the plants. It is naturally soluble in water and so it can be used as a flavoring agent in many industries for preparing the healthy diet for people of all age limits. It is also used in processing the milk for yielding the better quality of the milk. It is largely used in the food industries as it has much healthy content.


Product Specification and Functions:

  • Protein≥80%


It can be used in vegetable protein beverages (peanut milk, wheat milk and walnut milk, etc.), health food & beverages and sausages based on its good water-solubility. It can also be used to increase protein content and stabilize quality in the milk powder processing (infant & student formula milk powder and milk powder for the middle-aged and senior) field.