Pineapple Extract and Bromelain Powder

Pineapple Extract

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Product Details:

This extract is used in medical field as it contains the Bromelain enzyme which is used to reduce inflammation and also to treat many sinus related problems. This can also be used as a flavoring agent in many baking industry. They contain high amount of vitamin C which helps to increase the immunity. It is used for seasoning of snacks, jams and sauces. It is also used in the medical field for the purpose flavoring the syrups and it also contains vitamin c in them.

Pineapple Extract Extract is mainly used in the food industry as the flavoring agent. This can also be used for flavoring all types of food products mainly sweet recipes such as jams, syrups, jellies, Pineapple flavored drinks and other food items. In medical field it is used in treating many breathing problems such as asthma and other problems such as sinus and hence they are used in large scale in medical industries.

Product Specification and Functions:

  • Bromelain 1500 GDU/G 2000 GDU/G


1. Use for solid beverage, mixed fruit juice drinks.
2. Use for Ice cream, pudding or other desserts.
3. Use for health care products.
4. Use for snack seasoning, sauces, condiments.
5. Use for baking food