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Red Rice Extract

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Product Details:

It is a product of yeast which is grown in white rice; they are mostly used as an oral supplement. It is a traditional Chinese treatment which has been widely used in south Asian countries. The main benefit of his product is that it helps in lowering the cholesterol level. It also helps in increasing the immune system of our body. Red rice Extract is used in the food industry for preparing the health based food and it is also used in the meat industry for providing color and here this extract serves as a colorant.

They also used as a colorant agent in sauces and ketchup to maintain the vibrant colors of the food product without changing the aroma and taste of the food product. Monacolink is a product which is named as colorant in this extract .As this is extracted from rice it is termed as the healthiest colorant and the natural colorant present in the market.

Product Specification and Functions:

  • Monacolink 0.05%-3.0%;1000u/g,1200u/g,1500u/g,2000u/g,2500u/g,3000u/g.4000u/g color value


Monacolink can be used in health foods, health medicine/ meat poducts colorant, ketchup and sauce colorant etc.