Stevia Extract and Organic Stevia Extract Powder

Stevia Extract

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Product Details:

Stevia Extract comes from stevia leaves as this extract has zero calories and there are 200 times sweeter than normal sugar. It is the healthiest substitute for the sugar. They contain the stevuoside 90%, 95%, 98% and rabaudiosode A 48% to 98%.Most of the baking industry uses this stevia extract for their recipes to prepare baking and dietary food for the people. As many of the diabetic patients are worried about their diet as they are missing their daily sweet recepes from their diet if they use this stevia extract then they don’t need to worry about their health conscious diet.

Diabetic people can make use of this extract in their daily diet as a healthy sugar supplement. They also can be used in sweets, coffee and also in beverages. It is the healthiest substitute for sugar in the market. It is also termed as diabetic friendly by the nutritionals.

Product Specification and Functions:

Stevuoside 90% 95% 98%

Rebaudiosode-A 40%-98%


  • Excellent sugar substitute
  • Diabetic patients friendly
  • Can be used in your baking recipet