Strawberry Powder & Freeze Dried Strawberries

Strawberry Powder Freeze Dry & Spray Dry

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Product Details:

The Strawberry powder is obtained from natural strawberries, when these strawberries are dried they were powdered and used for many purposes .Even when they are dried and powdered the nutritional property of the strawberries remains the same. Strawberries are rich in vitamin C, anti-oxidants and dietary fiber. As they are rich in vitamin C and anti-oxidant, this product is used in medical or pharmaceutical industry.

Strawberry both as Strawberry Powder Freeze Dry & Spray Dry can be used in many ways. They are beneficial to the users as they can be stored for a long duration of time when compared to the fruit. This product is used in both food and also in cosmetic industry. In food industry, to obtain the flavor of strawberry this product is used as a flavoring agent. To prepare strawberry flavored jams, syrups, cakes and cookies. The bright red color and fragrance of the strawberry is used to prepare lipsticks, lip balms, creams, soaps and they are also used in chocolate, ice creams and in beverage industries.

Product Specification and Functions:

  • Pure powder with natural flavor and color / FD powder is hardly water souble.


Dessert and chocolate industry, ice cream, candy industry and beverages or soild beverages industry