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Yeast Peptone FP103 Powder

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Product Details:

This yeast powder is used in many fermentation and laboratory industries. It is a light colored spray dried form of powder, which contains yeast and many nutrients. It is easily soluble. This bio degradable substance is used highly in markets nowadays. It is used only in the food industry due to its fermentation property all the baking recipes can be tried out using this extract. They can be used in making cakes, puddings, rolls, pies and other cake based products.

The Yeast Peptone FP103 Powder is used in the food industry mainly in the field of baking as it is light and water soluble many large scale fermentation requirements may be fulfilled by using the extract. This extract can be easily assimilated by the microorganisms and it has the clear nature so all the flavoring agents can be easily combined with this extract when compared to other yeast protein powders.

Product Specification and Functions:

  • Yeast Peptone


  • Easy to assimilated by microorganisms.
  • Used alone, or combined with yeast extract.
  • Large-scale fermentation of laboratory research